Dead Manifest – Blood

Tallaght rockers boil the blood on furious new single.


Dead Manifest are loud, brash, and propelled by the desire to flatten the Dublin independent scene with the sheer weight of their riffs. Their delicious mix of metal, grunge, and punk is fuelled by almost a decade of experience gigging up and down the country and it’s safe to say that these Tallaght rockers are only getting started.

Their sound is huge and belies their status as a three-piece. Indeed, Aaron Nestor (vocals & guitar) Andy Rudd (bass) and Cathal Cullivan (drums) play hard and have developed a well-deserved reputation as a must see live act.

Spend a while on Dead Manifest’s Spotify and you will hear the sound of a band that is at ease with playing around with the formula of heavy music. There are many a complex rhythm to be found (Time For Change), as well as a mastery of commercial sounding rock music (October Sun). This band knows when to be unforgivingly heavy but also know when to pull back and let a well crafted melody draw the listener deeper into the song. Add to this the anthemic swagger of their signature tune ‘Further Communication’ and you have one hell of an exciting prospect.

Now, Dead Manifest looks to take things to another level with their brand new single ‘Blood’.

According to the band, the guitar played on this orgy of hot riffs once belonged to Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother fame. Anyone familiar with that band knows that some unbelievable licks must have been played on that particular instrument over the years. I’m glad to say that we can now count a few new blister-makers on its fretboard. How fitting that Stockdale would have signed the guitar “May the riffs be with you, Aaron”.

Led in by a murky and sinister bassline, ‘Blood’ is brash and aggressive from the offset with a stomping mix of punk and grunge sound calls to mind early Nirvana, Silverchair, or even their Dublin peers Fangclub. The song thrashes along at a brisk pace, built on a foundation of hard, dirty riffs. Lyrics that deal with the politics of love gone bad are delivered with the appropriate venom, Aaron Nestor oscillating from purposeful and powerful singing to guttural screamed punctuation.

The violent ferocity of the verses give way to a splendidly anthemic and thoughtfully rendered refrain as Nestor belts out “I don’t want this to end, but I only taste blood when I kiss you.” At this point, the song is an unstoppable sonic juggernaut that begs to be performed in front of a hungry audience.

The song builds to a gloriously loud and satisfying peak, breaking into a brutally hard middle section before reinforcing the last refrain with a cacophony of instruments competing for sonic dominance. It’s a wonderfully satisfying piece of rock music that lingers in the memory long after the final note has rung out.

Dead Manifest have greatness in their DNA and, from this showing, we can expect a blood-curdling 2021 from a band that won’t stop until they’ve claimed their place in the Irish music scene.

The riffs are strong with this one.

‘Blood’ is released on January 22nd. You can check out Dead Manifest’s back catalogue on Spotify. Support the band by following them on Facebook.

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