Davie Furey – Haunted Streets

Laois native warms the heart with mightily impressive new album.


Haunted Streets, the new album from Laois musician Davie Furey, harkens back to the days when a strong Irish album was commonplace. Filled with deeply personal tales, the odd yarn and a good dose of Irish culture, albums such as these seem to be few and far between these days. Whether it be the birth of Spotify or a lack of attention span from the newer generation, it seemed for a time that the great Irish album may have been relegated to memory.

Davie Furey refutes that claim with this fantastic collection of songs.

This album has been in the pipeline for a few years now, between Furey penning the songs and amassing a who’s who of Irish music to lend their talents to the production (Steve Wickham, Darren Holden, ELLYD, Susan O’Neill and many more). A grande tour of the uk and Ireland had been intended in support  of its release but, of coarse, Covid 19 scuppered those plans.

Davie pressed on regardless and released a plethora of highly regarded singles in the meantime. Four of these singles (Secret Light, Flames on the River, Fire n’ Gold and The Final Frontier) have reached number 1 on the Irish singles down load chart. Now Davie Furey is poised to finally  release the entire collection to an eager public.

‘Flames On The River’ opens proceedings on a rapturous note. Setting the tone for a record that pounds like an excited heart. Here Furey comes across as a mixture of Bruce Springsteen and Christy Moore, with real conviction in both his voice and his words. It’s a rollicking opener that sets the table nicely for what’s to follow.

‘Secret Light’ brings things down to a gentle simmer with a beautiful lamp lit ballad, and the relaxed and pensive ‘Farewell Returning Blues’ keeps this chilled and intensely thoughtful streak going.

‘Just Like The Wind’ is a stand out track as Furey channels Mark Knophler with some vagabond wisdom and a story that keeps you invested before a swirling whirlpool of pipes, accordian and guitar sucks you in.

Lead single ‘Who I am’ is a warm lament, with a touching set of lyrics perfectly framed by a truly uplifting instrumental. It’s at this point you start to think of all the different situations at play in each of these songs being played out by a distinct set of charachters, each perhaps representing a part of Davie himself. It’s a glorious and cinematic narrative unfolding in front of us, told through a wonderfully cohesive set of songs.

‘Fire n’ Gold’ shifts the tempo upwards again with a shimmering slab of radio friendly rock with a passionate chorus and the confident chug one would associate with the big stadium acts. It’s a real fist bumping moment and all its pomp and bluster serves to make the next song, ‘Ghost In Me’, all the more poignant. Furey pours out his heart over a beautifully ornamented piece of music, in which instruments, pipes and strings intermingle like a celtic symphony. Special praise must be given to some truly gorgeous lyrics that can be heard throughout this record, a gorgeous coming together of poetry and melody.

The remainder of the album is no less eclectic and no less entertaining. ‘Spaces Full’ is a sun kissed jaunt, while ‘The Final Frontier’ is a whiskey soaked  rocker with some brilliant blues guitar playing. It’s an impressive achievement to be able to juggle many different styles over the coarse of an album and still have all the songs sound like they belong on the same record.

The stirring balladry of ‘The Magic Of The Ocean’ is a fittingly beautiful finish to the album. It is the glorious ending that this album deserved, with all the elements seen in the previous songs coming together victorioysly in a salute to life and love and a call to protect this beautiful planet that gives us a home.

Acting as an epilogue to the album, bonus track ‘Music Man’ is a touching dedication to Davie’s friend Martin Walsh who sadly passed during the making of the album. It is a final reminder of the very human heart beating away at the core of this fine record.

‘Haunted Streets’ is thoughtfully produced album, filled with intelligent, meaningful and beautifully realised songs that harkens back to the glory days of Irish songwriting. The central charachter of Davie Furey is an inriquing one, and spending the guts of an hour listening to him spin stories is an hour  very well spent. This is a record that leaves a lasting impression and one that is sure to take its place alongside some of Irelands most well-loved Lp’s.

Haunted Streets’ is a available from February 19th. You can keep up with Davie Furey on his website, and listen to his back catalogue on Spotify.

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