Comfort Movies To Lose Yourself In

Movies have a way of distracting you from the norm, of transporting you away to a different world. You can distract yourself, amuse yourself or live vicariously through the characters.


Movies have a way of distracting you from the norm, of transporting you away to a different world. You can distract yourself, amuse yourself or live vicariously through the characters. It’s a form of comfort that we find ourselves turning to more and more as the days run into one another. It can be really hard to scroll through the same few suggestions that Netflix gives you. Especially when you consider we are now entering our third lockdown. Well, have no fear. With the help of a few trustworthy Instagram followers we have compiled a list of ten comfort movies to lose yourself in!

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)
This movie can help so much with processing your emotions. IRS auditor Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) wakes one day to realise he can hear his life being narrated. When the narrator suddenly declares Harold will soon die, the rest of the movie follows him trying to find the voice and convince it to let him live.
An interesting, insightful movie that brings you through the stages of grief. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
This movie is a wild ride, full of twists and turns. There’s a part of each of u
s that can relate to the story of Joel (Jim Carey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet). After an argument, Clementine turns to Lacuna, a firm that erases all of her memories of their relationship. When Joel finds out, heartbroken, he decides to do the same. A PSA for all of us who wished this technology existed.


The Fifth Element (1997)
Based in the 23rd Century, Earth is about to be wiped out by pure evil…or a big ball of fire? Either way, only former soldier, turned cab driver Corbin Dallas (Bruce Willis) can save the planet after a mysterious orange-haired beaut, Leeloo (Mila Jovovich) falls into his taxi and changes his life course. Star-studded cast.


Practical Magic (1998)
A story of love, death, sisters and magic. This movie is wrapped up in so much nostalgia, you could cry thinking of the cover of the videotape. What was going on in the nineties, they were really out there pushing all of us weirdo kids into witchcraft (I lived for it. I still do.) Plus, you’ve got Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman back in the day. This movie is a win.


Mean Girls (2004)
Before there was Pitch Perfect, there was Mean Girls. For all my bitches. This one’s for you. There are so many quotable moments from this movie and the cast is actually impeccable. It gets a lot of shit for being a “chick flick” but it’s hilarious. It’s probably one of the only original movies to be hilarious, laugh out loud funny and have female-led cast, that wasn’t a reboot of a formerly all-male cast. (seriously can you just write better female characters, instead of just throwing a girls name on a script we’ve already seen!!!!!) Pitch Perfect did a great job of trying to follow this, but they effed it with the sequels.

Big Fish (2003)
A Tim Burton story about father and son. Fantastical and emotional. William (Billy Cruddup) has always believed his father, Edward (Albert Finney), to be exaggerating his tales. Straining their relationship. When Edward becomes sick, he continues to recount his wondrous stories. William, now a journalist, begins to investigate and discover the truth once and for all. So great, they actually made it a musical!

The Craft (1996)
It wasn’t a joke, the nineties pushed that witch agenda on us, hard. You could argue that this movie is essentially a dramatic version of Mean Girls, just with edgier clothes and witchcraft. In fact, that’s exactly what it is!
Watch it for the fashion alone. The nineties are all the rage these days.


Indiana Jones (trilogy)
We all grew up with Harrison Ford and his hat and whip. An adventurer. Look there’s a lot of things about these movies that haven’t aged well and Amy pointing out to Sheldon how the whole Raiders movie didn’t actually need any interruption from Indiana Jones to forward the plot definitely put a downer on things – but the original trilogy is a comfort day that plans itself.


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
Another movie that definitely did not age well. Seven brothers kidnap seven women from a local town and essentially ‘stockholm syndrome’ the shit out of them until they fall in love. It’s mental but it’s set to music and it was the fifties! 

Bless your beautiful hide!

Hercules  (1997)
Any Disney movie would really have fit into this lift. The nostalgia of our childhoods tend to bring great comfort. Hercules is one of those movies with an excellent cast (James Woods, Tate Donovan, Danny DeVito.) and a fantastic soundtrack. The muses are the carrier of this movie, utilising the music as a narration platform was a stroke of genius.


Well, there you have it! A go-to guide if you’re needing a bit of inspiration. What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments which movie you would add!

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