CloudYeller – An Optimistic Frame Of Mind

Irish punk trio bring the fury on nihilistic new single.


To call CloudYeller a band with a lot to say would be an understatement. On their first two singles, the band have covered a lot of ground, from the struggles of migrant workers to more internal struggles. Each of these releases have been defined by intelligent lyrics and a sound that gets right to the point, marking CloudYeller as a pretty intriguing group. Their modus-operandi is to make music that is thoughtful, conscious, and driven by a desire to motivate, inspire and stoke passion in all those that hear it. These days it’s a rarity for a band to stick to their principles in such a manner.

Musically the band draws from Punk and Alt-Rock. They keep things nice and heavy but keep things interesting by tweaking their sound slightly from song to song. ‘You Hate Him For The Language That He Speaks’ is deliberate and dark, while ‘Unsatisfied’ has a ‘Pumpkins-esque melancholy to it. CloudYeller play with the formula again on their latest single.

On ‘An Optimistic Frame Of Mind’, CloudYeller recreate the murky underground basement vibe of bands like the Misfits or Black Flag, where the scowling rigors of the night convene with a handful of grease in their slicked-back hair and leather draped off their shoulders. It’s music for a dangerous crowd, one that asks no quarter and gives none in return. It’s one of the few places left where what you say actually matters. As does how loud you can say it. It’s music that might not change the world but will change more than a few of its inhabitants.

The song explodes out of the gate with an aggressive edge before settling into a bass-driven verse. The words paint a suitably nihilistic picture, perfectly mirroring the discontent that rumbles through the instrumental. The singer rounds of a list of grievances like a record skipping. Each revolution becoming more vigorous and intense, climaxing with the line “We mean nothing to this world,” before firing back into a furious musical refrain.

“This song is a conversation about control and manipulation. After a while, the line between who’s right and who’s wrong can blur” states the band.  The intensity builds as the track progresses to its manic, explosive climax. This is balls to the wall, unapologetic punk in all its glory, and one cannot help but be swept up into its venom-filled maw.

CloudYeller are hurridly developing a reputation for being one of the most authentic groups on the Irish independent scene, and one that begs to be seen in a live setting. Tracks like ‘An Optimistic Frame Of Mind’ are sure to bring the house down once gigging recommences, and kudos must be given to the producer for capturing that raw spark.

As it turns out CloudYeller are a band with more than a few reasons to be optimistic.

‘An Optimistic Frame Of Mind’ is available on Spotify. You can keep up with the band via their official Facebook page.

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