Charles James Livingstone – Midnight Moon

Stare into the eyes of the midnight moon, and long to be with the one you need to be with. Livingstone's first solo release is just as amazing as you'd expect.


When creativity is restricted, it is often down to the innovation of artists to make a decision. Should they wait until the right time to get back into the swing of things, or write and produce what they can now? Charles James Livingstone chose the latter and has released a spectacular new tune in the form of ‘Midnight Moon’.

Livingstone is the lead vocalist and front-man of the band Lowlight Gathering, but decided to use the time he had this year to create his debut solo EP featuring ‘Midnight Moon’. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, creativity finds a way. 

‘Midnight Moon’ is a lovely, calm, piano-based song filled with passion for escapism. The song portrays the calmness of night, away from the hustle and bustle of daytime life. The couple based in the song are lovers longing to be together in solitude and peace. The lyrics paint the beautiful picture of serenity and closeness while also complimenting the compassionate feeling set by the music itself. 

“Charles describes Midnight Moon as a story with a metaphorical meaning of escapism. The lyrics talk of a couple trying to escape the daytime light and all its trappings, as the night is where they find peace and solace.”

The song really drives home the emotion of its message through its writing and production. The piano has a wonderful hall feel to, like a grand piano in a large concert room. Fading electric guitar in the distance adds to the melancholy as well as some airy backing vocals. Producer Ryan Sheridan, who has worked with Livingstone on previous projects, identifies the artist’s strengths and highlights them perfectly throughout the entire runtime.

With a beautiful anthemic chorus uplifting the soul, a somber ending note, and a feeling of longing, the piece may leave the listener feeling more than they thought they would. It won’t be long until the full EP is released, and if this single is anything to go by, everyone should be looking forward to it.

Make sure you listen to ‘Midnight Moon’ on Spotify, and be sure to follow Charles James Livingstone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all releases.

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