Cell Games – Lament Configuration

Nu-Metal is back, and it has made all of the horrors of destruction sound so good.


Crack open the door to darkness and take a deep dip into Lament Configuration, the hell-bending debut single from Dublin Nu-Metal duo, Cell Games. This band features vocalist, frontman and fellow DeMars entertainment writer Maximillion Foy and guitarist Tristan Carroll, two extremely talented musicians who have played music with each other in a few projects, including a Linkin Park tribute band.

Leading things off, the song is introduced by a really cool guitar riff by Tristen. The sound placement leans a little left, treated with a couple of effects like some auto-wah and a bit of crunch. But the most impressive part is the writing of such a unique riff. The intervals are jarring but lead smoothly into one another, reminiscent of some famous nu-metal bands. The sound is dark and ominous, thanks to the drop C tuning.

It all opens up to some heavy open chords on alternating down and upbeats. It’s got a kick-ass groove that makes you want to mosh! Throughout the entire track, the music is delivered with great punch, harbouring different beat emphasis and contrasting sounds. The bass slides elegantly while the main riff plays, illustrating the fall into hell itself.

Vocalist Maximillion Foy pulls no punches on this piece either. He is aggressive in his lyric delivery, spitting words like venom. Throughout, he has doubled up his vocals, mixing some rap and screaming, giving some perfect aggressive thrust. “Destroy or be destroyed” is powerfully delivered, like a drill sergeant possessed by the evilest demons.

Lament Configuration was written very early last year, yet houses the emotions many of us have felt within us over that period of time.

“The song was written pre-pandemic, but the events of the last year has given new relevance to the lyrics as Foy dwells on a divided world. ‘Lament Configuration’ depicts the world as a bleak place where anarchy rules, as if someone has opened Pandora’s box and let loose the horrors within.”

Pandora’s Box indeed. The energy of the mighty Gods and the plagues that murder them is unleashed blisteringly throughout this awesome nu-metal anthem.

Not only is the track itself breathtaking, the music video, directed by Maximillion is also something spectacular to witness. It was made with a green screen with zero budget, which shows how creative, yet resourceful they can be. It is available to view on YouTube and below.

Cell Games are a band that every metal fan should keep their eyes on in 2021 in anticipation. Lament Configuration is available to listen to on Spotify. Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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