Caleb & Walshy – Snowflakes (feat. Ari Imann)

70's Jazz, 90's West Coast Rap and modern London/Irish genres all collide in this groovy, new blast of melancholy.


Dublin/London team Caleb & Walshy have joined forces with Ari Imann to bring us the smooth, groovy new track, Snowflakes.

The contemporary music trio has crafted a piece that fuses the 70’s jazz age and 90’s West Coast vibes while also maintaining the London/Irish root. Introducing the piece, a beautiful bluesy guitar lick by Belgian guitarist Wannes De Neve, sets the stage.

Piano, flute and saxophone all mimic the jazz style set up by the guitarist. When listening, there’s an ambience of an L.A. Jazz Club on a bluesy Sunday night. One cannot help but imagine neon lights and a 1970’s Dodge Charger. When the bass and beat hit, the music grabs the jazz theme and rockets it towards the future. Samples of airy female vocals, blues guitar licks and the jazz piano style all mix so well together.

The lyrics, instrumentation, and snowy winter setting are all true callbacks to classical jazz music and how they were implemented into genres such as 90’s rap. It’s also quite obvious that the trio made every effort to record and use original music tracks where they could, rather than sampling. A bold move that screams originality, revitalizing the jazz and blues inspiration. 

The production of this track is excellent; using several cues throughout, pushing musical swells, as well as pulling back to highlight vocals works impeccably well. The vocals have a great mixture of analogue and technical alterations. Whether it’s the slight modulations and swells, or the simple decision of switching to Ari Imann’s vocals change things up halfway through. The texture of the piece thickens and maintains the liveliness of the track.

‘Snowflakes’ is out now, available to stream on Spotify. Find Caleb & Walshy on their Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of their latest releases. 

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