Brí – More Than

An artistic experience involving many complex emotions. This song, along with its music video, will leave you longing for the experiences you've wanted to chase down for a while.


‘More Than’ is the emotional new release from Offaly native Brí. This single is the first release from Brí’s upcoming album ‘Hide’.

This gentle, but powerful song deals with the conflict of how people crave more than the situations they find themselves in. Brí portrays her own feelings of longing and need through beautifully song lyrics, and creates an empathetic atmosphere so all listeners can walk in her shoes, and feel the longing with her. 

The piece is crafted in such a way that the weight of longing and desire protrude through the beautiful vocals and into the ear canals, straight to the soul. The subtle drone in the background blended with the standalone vocals brings echoes of Sean-Nós to the mix, enforcing that somber desire. The delicate keys and strong instruments that flow in and out of the piece just adds more and more emotional gravity to the already powerful song. 

“‘More Than’ is about craving more than the situation you currently find yourself in. It’s a place where passion and emptiness meet, the point where two conflicting paths overlap and where all that is cloudy becomes clear.”

While there is much subtle musicality going on, the piece is quite sparing in its presentation. This only adds to how impressively powerful and full it sounds. The main star is the lead vocals, delivered by Brí herself, which cuts incredibly deep with some gorgeous lyricism. The production team definitely leaned into the vocals as it’s mixed with some wonderful reverberation to really drive home the airy setting of the whole thing. It truly is beautiful. 

The song comes to its climax with some layered vocals and a fabulous crescendo of each part. Layered vocals are interwoven with the rest of the track making it a very powerful climax.

On top of the audible art of the song, it is accompanied by a spectacular music video, one that was directed by Brí herself. Due to travel restrictions, Brí decided to take the direction into her own hands and depart from the initial idea for this project. While the original concept may never be seen, what is delivered is the creation of a stunning visual accompaniment to the piece. One that adds visceral representations of the feelings flowing through the piece. 

‘More Than’ is more than just a song. It is an artistic experience, portraying complex feelings, and crafted to perfection through its writing, production, and delivery.

The single will be released everywhere on March 19th, ahead of the album ‘Hide’ releasing this October. You can follow Brí on Spotify, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to subscribe to her YouTube page for the video release, coming on the same release date. 

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