Brew – Chasing Likes

Bluesun's guitar slinging front-man Brew kicks off the new year in style with a brand new single'.


For those of you who are unaware of the brilliance that is Brew Mbirika, here is a quick crash course. Born in New York and seasoned by world travel, Brew has lit up the Irish independent circuit for nearly 20 years with his undeniable love for music. He is an artist who draws inspiration from the great guitar bands of yesteryear and is an unfaltering bundle of energy.

Brew has a rock and roll spirit and it emanates from him eternally. From the clothes he wears,to the way he speaks, to the joy he exudes when he picks up a guitar, Brew is the real deal. He is a great character and an immensely talented musician. And he’s always up for the Craic!

It’s been a thrill to see him graduate from a moderately well-kept secret to one of the shining lights on the Irish Independent circuit.

2020 was a banner year for Brew. Just before lockdown, he released the ‘New Direction’ single, followed by a music video and, of course, the wonderful ‘Legacy’ ep. In Between, he wowed viewers with a brilliant one-man set at this year’s virtual Dublin Pride event and has taken to the airwaves with his own online show ‘Brewz Humpday Day Sessions’.

What better way to kick off 2021 than with a man whose ‘New Direction’ trumped the new normal?

Released on New Years Day, ‘Chasing Likes’ is propelled by a strong-handed, indie-centric minor chord progression that is purposeful from the off. The song sees Brew waxing lyrical about the follies of social media and how one can get lost among the duck faces and endless twerking videos.

The song was written by fellow musician Carl Rourke and it’s a lighthearted jaunt that has some sharp social commentary thrown in for good measure. Rourke’s lyrics are brought to life by Brew’s hyperactive delivery, as he strolls from situation to situation delivering his worldly wisdom like a guitar-carrying vagabond who is happy just drop in, scope out the scene, and be on his merry way. There is a fun-loving and mischievous quality in Brew’s voice, and that joie de vivre is highly infectious. This is a song that is begging to be played on an acoustic guitar in a room full of eager, boozy revellers at a good old fashioned Dublin lock-in.

Of course, the track is tight and impeccably performed. However, it’s not overly produced and has a nice raw edge to it, in keeping with Brew’s rock and roll ethos. It’s no surprise to know that a musician as tenured as Brew knows how to move through the gears, and the instrumental has a satisfying dynamic flow to it.

‘Chasing Likes’ concludes in an uproarious sing-along crescendo which is custom made for the radio, and will surely result in Brew grabbing a fair few likes for himself. Not that he’d be chasing them or anything, the reflective final line reminding us that there is more to life than the constant search for approval.

When Irish night-life kick starts itself again, it’s safe to assume that Brew and his band will be an inescapable fixture. He has assembled a great catalogue of anthemic bangers that not only entertain in all the right ways but convey the magnetic personality of a musician who has dedicated his life to following in the footsteps of his heroes.

‘Chasing Likes’ adds another layer to the legacy.

Check out this great new single on Spotify, and keep up with Brew via. Facebook.

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