Blue Fish Diamond – Sunshine in my Brain

A song for the hopeful, even among their darkest days. Sunshine comes through the clouds in this beautiful new single.


Dublin’s indie/folk group Blue Fish Diamond are entering 2021 on a very special note with their brand new single ‘Sunshine In My Brain’. This release has been highly anticipated ever since their last single, Lady Marguerite, which came out back in the summer of 2020.

Fans of Blue Fish Diamond know exactly what to expect from this band. A delicate piano rolls the song along, heartbreaking violins fade in and out and rich harmonies texture the tune to the extent where it almost feels like a full orchestra. Each member of the seven-piece band adds to the ballad in their own signature way, never once feeling like an instrument is out of place.

This piece of music is very deep in meaning. It recognises the darkness that everyday people live through on a regular basis, trudging through one rainy day after another, in the hopes of a ray of sunshine on the horizon. The song is wonderfully crafted, with great diction on the lyrics, to really drive home the message of the song. ‘Sunshine In My Brain’ was clearly written with catharsis in mind.

“We live in a time where anxiety and despair are increasingly commonplace but also a time where there is greater openness about mental health issues and where hope exists through communal support.”

While some artists may not like being compared to more famous artists, it can’t be ignored that there are some echoes of David Gilmour present here. While the styles are quite different between Blue Fish Diamond and Pink Floyd, the chorus bleeds with hope amongst the darkness. One particular chord that sounds straight out of the bible of Gilmour. When a band is compared to one of the greatest musicians alive, there is cause for celebration.

That being said, never once does the band lose sight of its identity. This is one of the best folk bands that Ireland has to offer, and they really drive home their passion. ‘Sunshine In My Brain’ is deep, cerebral and even a bit psychedelic. To those who may never have heard of Blue Fish Diamond, this song is a wonderful introduction.

This is a must-listen.

‘Sunshine in my Brain’ will be available to stream on all streaming platforms on February 10th, 2021. Make sure to follow Blue Fish Diamond on their  Instagram and Twitter for all updates on their releases. 

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