Between//Roads – Blue Eyes

Varying drum grooves, ambient key playing and some beautiful guitar tones all fill this wonderful indie-folk song. And it nearly never saw the light of day.


‘Blue Eyes’ is the brand new single from the 5-piece indie/folk band Between//Roads. This is the follow up to their hugely successful EP ‘All Who Wander’ and their lockdown project ‘Tape Sessions’

This piece crashes out of the gate with a very sudden and full sound. There are no instrumental build-ups involved, and they are not needed. Between//Roads trim the fat and get straight to the meat and potatoes. 

What is very apparent, when delving into this track, is the balance involved in creating an atmosphere and feeling of the song. There are subtle musical cues, and very obvious ones. It can take a couple of listens to hear each individual change within the 3 minute and 15-second piece, but they are there, and treat the song incredibly well. 

A very interesting musical choice is heard within the drum lines. The snare placement on each section varies wildly. The verse, the pre-chorus and chorus all contain varying drum grooves that chug the song along to its next destination. Once that first groove change comes, things get very interesting. The body will move as more vocal layers come to play as well as more prominent guitars and a driving high-hat and bass combo. 

It was a song that nearly got canned a few times because we couldn’t find a chorus-line to do justice to the strong verse and pre-chorus we had originally written. It was one of those songs that wouldn’t leave us alone, always calling us back to it, until one night we gave it one final try, and what we wrote became this great song.

On a less obvious note is the guitar tone. It is gentle, funky, and has some wonderful reverb and delay incorporated. There is a nice, subtle glow of the keyboard accompanying, which can be heard more prominently in the verses, but definitely throughout. It fills the gaps within the verses, allowing the music to breathe and resonates more with the listener. 

The lyrics are also incredibly top-notch. “What a shame it is to burn on someone’s fuel”. Beautiful!

This song is much more than surface deep. The variety in tones and grooves, as well as the lyrics all come together to make a wonderful, harmonious song that will leave you wanting more. Especially with the unexpected ending. 

Blue Eyes is available to listen on all major platforms. Make sure you check out Between//Roads on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and their YouTube channel.

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