Ben Pyne – Shadow

An enveloping song that will ease you into a story of calmness, longing and how to deal with our own barriers.


‘Shadow’ is the highly-anticipated new release by Dublin-based singer-songwriter Ben Pyne. 

This song is a very calm and atmospheric entry by this wonderful musician. The piece begins with the dreamy wisp of the keyboard, combined with Pyne’s intimate vocal lines. The lyrics paint a picture and begin to take the listener on a journey.

Some nicely percussive guitar lines, clicks, and some crisp acoustic guitar evolve this tune further, adding more and more colour to this aural picture.

Pyne’s voice must be admired in this track. It’s mixed just right as to give it the perfect pocket between the pillows of music that surround it. Some vocal doubling as well as some percussive vocal notes, all add to the atmosphere. Each line is sung incredibly well. The choice of lyrics also helps the delivery of each line. Certain vowels and vocal cues sound impeccable and satisfying in Ben’s unique vocal timbre. 

 “‘Shadow’ could be a perfectly-timed lockdown song capturing the angst of restrictions, barriers and physical distancing, which will resound with many right now.”

While the story behind the song focuses on the difficulties of the past year and the boundaries it has created between everyone, the lyrics are written in such a way that the song can absolutely transcend this current struggle and can all be applied to everyone’s unique story. Ben may give the tools for the listener to interpret their own barriers. 

‘Shadow’ is a beautiful piece of music that will take you away on a journey of introspection and longing. The songwriting, the vocal performance, and the mixing all shine and will leave fans of any genre satisfied and in the mood to delve into this artist’s discography. 

You can stream ‘Shadow’ on all major platforms. Please follow Ben Pyne on  Spotify and Instagram. Be sure to check out the video for ‘Shadow’, embedded below. 


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