Ash Orphan – The Man Who Fell From The Moon

Internationally honed one-man band falls from the moon and lands in Dublin...


Ash Orphan is a self-trained, one-man-band of international origin. Having cut his teeth as a musician playing in bands in both Paris and California, Ash crafted his own unique sound while a member of the ‘Huxely Met Soda’ musical collective.

Ash learned to play the guitar at age 15 and found his influences ranging anywhere from Trip Hop to ambient Post Rock. He was inspired by the music of noted British singer-songwriter Ben Howard to learn and develop a fingerpicking style and, from there, experiment with alternate tuning to create a musical identity all of his own.

Ash initially came to Dublin with the intention of playing a few gigs in support of his 2018 debut solo album. However, once here, he found himself to be in tune with the vibrant Dublin music scene and decided to prolong his stay. Since then Orphan has found his niche in Ireland with his own brand of Tribal, progressive folk music as he continues to promote his album ‘The Man Who Fell From The Moon’.

He has developed a reputation as an intense live performer whose gigs see him summon up all the life experiences that have brought him to this point, recanting his emotional journey and actively striving to reach self-awareness and self-consciousness. ‘The Man Who Fell From The Moon’ is a direct reflection of this journey.

Indeed, the album sometimes feels like an invitation Ash has extended to join him on a vision quest of sorts. Amongst the many philosophical questions posed both lyrically and musically, one gets the feeling that there are answers to be found if we commit to following Ash’s voice. That voice is bristling with conviction and emotion. The tones that come from his mouth crackle and burst like a raging fire that sends thoughtful words billowing, smoke-like, upwards into an open sky.

This undistilled conviction is suitably emblematic to the wolf that adorns the album’s artwork. At times Ash is like a lone figure howling at the moon, challenging the vast emptiness above to guide him and give him purpose.

Songs like ‘Dark Night, Dead Hearts’ and ‘Never Shoot A Fallen Star’ buzz with primordial energy and hum like a gregorian chant. There is a ritualistic aesthetic to the album and for that reason, it serves a dual purpose, as both food for thought and a call to spiritual action.

‘The Man Who Fell From The Moon’ is a literal narrative about a human being falling from a great height and the author’s struggle to tame and accept himself as he descends. It’s a riveting journey and, as a listener, one is intrigued to find out how the story ends. Will there be a soft landing or a spectacular impact? The only way to find out is to join Ash Orphan on his journey.

You can support Ash by checking out his Bandcamp and Spotify, or by following him on Instagram

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