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“Anxiety” is the 7th song to be released by Arn. who has pledged to release one song every two weeks in 2021, making that a total of 26 songs that Arn. has geared up to knock out this year alone. Pretty impressive stuff, coming from a newly emerging independent artist from Letterkenny. His latest single “Anxiety” is just as impressive and likeable as his other releases “Hard to believe” and the very catchy “Month of May”.

“Anxiety” is the sort of tune you will have stuck in your head, in a good way! Arn. is challenging his anxiety as if it were another person, using a masterfully scripted dialogue. The song is composed with finely tuned lyrics accompanied by a melodious backing that has a good hook and ‘funkalicious’ urban kick.

Arn. is certainly euphonious as a singer and his songs are far more than canorous with his Donegal lilt, bringing a charismatic edge to his vocals.

“Anxiety” is a song that reflects the daily struggle to recognise that it’s all in your head. Arn. decided it was finally time to release music progressively in 2021, giving to the already disquieting world we found ourselves all stuck in during 2020. A time where people who had never suffered from mental health issues were now too familiar with such illnesses as anxiety.

This single is one to listen to and keep in mind, there is plenty more to come from this brilliant, insightful and gifted artist. Fans of his music most certainly will be anxiously waiting for what Arn. will drop next!

Have a listen to Arn. HERE

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