Apollo Monroe – Soda Pop

Dublin hyper-pop artist hits the sweet spot with sugar-rush debut single.


Apollo Monroe is a Dublin based singer-songwriter and BIMM graduate who, like many artists at the moment, has had to adapt to restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. Assembling a home studio and burying himself in his work, Monroe has essentially become a bedroom artist out of necessity. Hitting on a rich songwriting vein, he collaborated with co-producer Viscose to put the finishing touches on his debut single ‘Soda Pop’. Now, Apollo Monroe emerges to share with us the fruits of his labour.

‘Soda Pop’ is as impressive a debut single as you are likely to hear. The track sees Apollo drawing inspiration from A.G cook and the sound of boundary-pushing dance label PC Music, and legendary acts like Charlie XCX and the late, great, Sophie. As a fan of this barmy and beautiful style of music, I was very pleased to hear it represented with such vigor. It’s not easy to do well, and the technical proficiency evident on the track is matched by Monroes pin-ball machine performance. The young singer bounces all over the song with a charismatic charm, a playful mischievousness, and a cracking voice to boot.

Sounds fizz and pop throughout a brisk three minutes, creating a rich neon soundscape that bursts with vibrancy and pulses with energy. The bubblegum bass style of the instrumental hyperactively flirts with all sorts of genres. There are 80’s style synths, trap hats galore, and all the characteristics of both classic dance and modern EDM.

About the track, Monroe says, “On the surface, the song presents a sexually suggestive narrative using sugary metaphors to push the aspiration to be used, consumed, and discarded afterwards. But it’s actually a narrative on how the public and the industry consume pop artistry. It is both a parody of and a love story to the industry, drawing comparisons between a highly manufactured, mass-produced, sugary substance like soda pop and pop artists. Yet ironically, still an industry I love and aspire to be part of.”

‘Soda Pop’ is definitely a good-time floor filler but it’s also a tantalising statement of intent from an artist who can only be described as explosive. I’m very excited to see what Apollo comes out with next.

With a sound that sets pulses racing and a healthy dose of charisma and attitude, the future looks very bright indeed for Apollo Monroe.

Soda pop is released Febuary 19th, connect with Apollo Monroe on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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