Anelise Furkin

Neo-Soul chanteuse soothes the soul on latest single.


Now is the winter of our discontent… well almost

It’s October and the customary late Autumn sniffles are now either accompanied by Pandemic infused paranoia or worsened by the stresses of our latest ‘Level 5’ false alarm. For some, being locked up for the foreseeable future while at war with both our senses and our sinuses, can be understandably overwhelming.

The bad news is that it’s looking like we may be stuck in this constant spin cycle for another while yet. The good news, however, is that Irelands ever-increasing collective of Lo-Fi artists are pumping out some of the most soothing soundscapes this country has ever produced.

Anelise Furkin, for example, likes to describe her sound as “someone alone in their room, drinking a cup of tea and looking at a rainy day outside the window”. That picture of comfort, warmth, and personal safety, while the storm rages outside, has never been more relevant than right now. And never been more vital.

Anelise Furkin is a Brazilian singer and producer that combines intimate, introspective lyrics with the tools and sounds of lo-fi jazz and neo-soul.

For the uninitiated neo-soul is a genre of music that shines a contemporary light on classical soul and R’n’B (popular neo-soul artists include Raheem DeVaughn, VanJess, and, of course, Erykah Badu). Anelise has taken the nucleus of this genre and blended it together with elements of folk, bossa-nova and jazz to create a textured and layered sonic foundation over which she lets her feelings, emotions and thoughts flow freely.

Anelise’s journey begins in her native Brazil, where she started her career at only 15 years of age. Since then has amassed an impressive resume and has experimented with a plethora of genres and formats, whether it be as vocalist for the psych-rock band “Lagoa”, or working with fellow Lo-Fi producers such as Shirtsleeves and Michtzz.

Since making her new home in Dublin, Anelise has committed fully to a solo career and developed a signature sound which reflects a more “rainy and cozy” vibe. Apart from that she keeps on writing her feelings out, and that is really the crux of what Analise does, she uses her pen to channel her emotions and proudly displays them for all to analyze, consume and enjoy.

Anelise’s multifaceted body of work is comprised of compositions that invite you to sit in a comfy chair with a warm drink and watch droplets of rainfall down the window pane and engage with something. Whether that something is Anelise’s personal feelings, or your own feelings or even to clear your mind and observe the world outside, is entirely up to you.
When you turn on one of Analise’s tracks you are essentially invited to take a load off and actively encouraged to feel something. And I may be an old fashioned kinda guy… but I thought that was the whole point of making music in the first place.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can head on over to Spotify and check out Analise beautiful new single ‘What I Want’. It’s a glistening, swirling cocktail of ambient sounds, thoughtful lyrics, and Analise gorgeous singing voice. It’s a jaw-dropping track and, when I recently spoke to Anelise, she told me that the song is about her own personal reflections on what love should be, and learning to live with oneself within the context of a relationship.

It’s an engaging and mesmerizing web that she is weaving and Anelise sums it up marvellously when she says that instead of letting her demons out, she is inviting you in to meet them.

‘What I Want’ is available to stream on Spotify now. To find out more about Anelise Furkin, please visit her Instagram @anelise_furkin.

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