Andrew Patterson – Normal People

Maybe there's no more people like us? Andrew explores the truth of normality in his latest folk anthem.


Andrew Patterson, the Belfast-based singer-songwriter has just released his hopeful and optimistic new single ‘Normal People’. Inspired by the book and television series by Sally Rooney of the same name, Patterson explores the ideas of what truly is normal. Maybe there are no more “normal” people anymore. 

This is a poppy, folky song with a really catchy chorus that listeners may not be able to forget for a while. The piece utilizes a very strong chord progression, a staple in pop/folk songs, but adds an extra flair to it. There is a light riff in the background that mimics the progression, making it the perfect easy-listening song for the reminiscent times. 

There is much to love in this song. The layered backing vocals hit some beautiful chords, the perfect timbre of the acoustic guitar and the impactful lyrics all play a role in delivering this story in a serenading spread. 


“Also inspired by my own journey, the song is a call to the struggle in each of us to fit in despite all of our quirks and insecurities. The realisation becomes that really, no one is truly normal, and everyone is searching for the same sense of belonging.”


While the artist has been performing this piece solo since early last year, he decided to record the track with a full band in July of 2020. Much of the appeal to this song can be attributed to the flawless performances by the full band, and its production. The band adds a texture that can only be produced by an ensemble performance like this. ‘Normal People’ was recorded in Subzero Studios and produced by Michael McCluskey, whose experience echoes throughout the entire piece. 

‘Normal People’ is the perfect follow-up to Patterson’s 2019 EP ‘Out of Babylon’. It continues his themes of love, hope and positivity, exactly what is needed. It’s almost certain that this anthem will linger in any listener’s head.

You can find ‘Normal People’ to stream on Spotify as well as all other major streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Andrew Patterson’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all of his future projects.

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