Amy Ellen – Days

Dublin Indie-Folk chanteuse makes every day count on spirited new single


It’s incredible to think that Amy Ellen has only been around since 2019. Spend any amount of time listening to this brilliant Dublin based indie-folk artist, and you would be forgiven for thinking that this talented young songwriter has many more miles on the gauge. That is, of course, a compliment. There is inherent wisdom in Amy Ellen’s lyrics, and her musical styles draw from acts like Kurt Vile and Fleetwood Mac to emit a truly timeless vibe.

Songs like ‘This Life’ and ‘It’s Time’ have attracted quite a bit of attention from the likes of Hot Press and Golden Plec, and her latest single is sure to cause a similar stir.

There is a sweetly affirmative quality to ‘Days’, like the relieved exhale that comes after completing a difficult task. Looking back to where you were and marvelling at the inner strength you had to muster in order to do what needed to be done. “I remember ‘Days’ being a song that wrote itself,” says Amy Ellen “At the time I was listening to a lot of Green Day, and it certainly impacted the way I wanted to arrange the melody in the song”. Much like in a Green Day song, the journey out of a relationship can be unpredictable but in the end, no matter where you end up, the outcome is probably right. The human quality of trial and error is always well represented in Amy Ellen’s words.

The instrumental is a great example of Amy Ellen’s windswept and chilled out style, with a beautiful sounding strummed electric guitar framing Amy’s clear and inviting voice. As the pace quickens and the song develops into a satisfying indie-rock belter, you can hear the sum of Amy Ellen’s influences converging and colliding. Particular praise should be heaped onto the song’s sumptuous guitar solo, one the Lindsey Buckingham would be proud of.

Lyrically ‘Days’ is as honest and open as anything you’re likely to hear. Amy Ellen emotes beautifully as she clears out her closet of the negative thoughts and toxic environment that typifies the end of a relationship. “For me, the song is about the transitional period between being in a relationship and suddenly being single again. The song represents strength and weakness, but realising, in the end, that time is the real healer.” In the end, Amy Ellen finds catharsis through facing up to pent up feelings and frustrations.

‘Days’ is another fine example of Amy Ellen’s enviable ability to stop time with songs that fit any era. Proof positive that personal lyrics, well-crafted melodies and a soulful delivery never go out of style.

Follow Amy Ellen’s official Instagram for news and updates. You can check out ‘Days’ right now on Spotify.

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