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The queen of sparkley bops for broken hearts has had it up to here on fantastic new single.


Ailsha is an artist with music in her DNA. Growing up in a clan whose fingerprints are all over the Irish music scene, it seemed destined that this talented Co. Wicklow native would eventually pick up the family trade. As a youngster, she began to tinker with her father’s music-making software and gradually began to compose music inspired by video games. It was evident that the young Ailsha had a real talent for production. She soon began to find a signature sound and create songs that she described as symphonic pop, with a sprinkling of hyper pop for good measure. After initially starting out as a cruelty-free makeup artist, Ailsha left the beauty industry during the pandemic to focus full-time on her music.

Ailshas debut single ‘Quarentine’ gained rave reviews upon its release, and the talented songstress found herself landing spots on both the Hotpress ‘Hot For 2021’ and ‘Most Promising artist’ lists. She even earned a qualification in music production for video games, coming full circle from that 11-year-old girl who started out making songs on her Dad’s computer.

Now Ailsha, and her rhapsodic style, returns with her latest single in the hopes of pushing on to even greater heights.

‘FBOY’ is an energetic and devilishly witty pop song that calls to mind artists like Lily Allen or Nicola Roberts. The song is powered by an all too familiar narrative of a young woman looking for love, who has to traverse the mine-field of men who act nice at first but quickly show their true colours aka ‘FBOY’s. Alisha is an immensely likable singer who pulls off the difficult juggling act of portraying fragility and humanity in a way we can all relate to, all the while coming off as a confident and polished star.

Ailsha is completely believable in the role of someone who had dealt with one too many duplicitous males in her time, and that’s the hook. She is singing about a universal dilemma. We’ve all been there, and we’ll more than likely end up there again. It’s comforting to know other people are as silly as yourself when it comes to the avoidable acts of insanity we inflict on ourselves.

The production on ‘FBOY’ is stellar. Ailsha struck up a partnership with Luke Nelson for the brilliant ‘Ghosted’ single in late 2020, and that collaboration continues to impress. Swirling harmonies intermingle with sparkling synths, and bounce happily all over a hyperactive beat. It’s hyper-stylistic bubblegum pop that reminds me of AG Cooks PC records and comes off like a perfect princess dream which may spiral into a nightmare at any moment.

The beauty of ‘FBOY’ is that it allows itself to be really good fun. The track doesn’t take itself too seriously, is relatable as anything you’ll likely hear, and its author is an absolute star in the making. On top of all that the upcoming music video that accompanies ‘FBoy’ is an absolute riot. Director Lauren O Brien absolutely nails the vibe of the song with the perfect representation of modern relationships and their maddening futility. The video premiers on Friday May 21st, and is a visual treat that’s not to be missed.

All in all, this is a very promising package that should allow Ailsha carte blanche to forget about the FBOYS of the world, and focus on claiming her birthright as the sparkly queen of the Irish music scene.

You can check out Ailsha on Spotify. Keep up with all her latest news via her official Instagram page.

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