Aaron Everything – Outlaw

Donegal rapper is quick on the draw in this hip-hop western.


Aaron Everything is a rapper from Donegal who is carving out a name for himself creating tracks that deviate from the standard hip-hop fare. There is a distinct Low-Fi vibe to his sound that draws from both the Emo Rap aesthetic and the kinetic inspiration he gets from the stormy wild Atlantic Way that passes through his home.

The subject matter of Aaron’s verses is derived both from personal experience as well as intricate characters and scenarios that he creates. The creative well Aaron draws from is deep and he prides himself on being an artist that speaks to “the universal emotions of pain, grief, and growth through the lens of his own unique experience”.

Aaron has been turning heads with several well-recieved singles (Plenty of Fish, Silence) plus some gorgeous collaborations with fellow artists Kevin Land and lil ikiryo. Now, this talented up-and-comer looks to kick start his 2021 with his new single ‘Outlaw’.

The song begins with some atmospheric guitar picking, laid over a delicious beat. The hook is catchy as hell and invitingly dark as Aaron’s outlaw character stands in the aftermath of some pretty grisly sounding carnage. We then get the rundown of the assailant’s motives as Mr. Everything lays down a few typically impressive bars. Throughout his verse, he remains intense, sincere, and filled with purpose. After all, the best bad guys always find ways to justify their actions.

“The Outlaw is a cold, coarse drifter who is in everything for himself and his kin” says Aaron of the songs central character. “He shows no respect for authority. No remorse. He comes face to face with the Sheriff and his entourage of gunmen. A shootout ensues with only a sole survivor…or so he thought”

Aarons’s voice is distinct and he avoids being thrown in with mumble rappers or heavily accented Mc’s by keeping his annunciation on point, even in the pacier parts of the song.

The track is impeccably produced with a gorgeous instrumental built around the aforementioned guitar motif. When doing a concept piece it’s very important to get the tone spot on and this dusty and foreboding piece of music puts us right in the middle of a dark western movie like ‘High Noon’ or ‘Unforgiven’.

The shoot-out at the end is definitely a nice quirk. It’s acted out in a tongue-in-cheek manner and adds another dimension to the song. What’s interesting about this track is that it’s quite short compared to the industry standard, but Aaron manages to squeeze a lot into a couple of minutes. With a catchy refrain, an impressive verse, an interesting story, and a shoot-out at the end, it doesn’t outstay its welcome and says more in 2 minutes than many of his peers can say in 5.

‘Outlaw’ shows us that this skillful artist has plenty of creativity and more than enough performative range to bring these big ideas to life. While the titular outlaw’s story may be over, it’s safe to say that Aaron Everything’s is just beginning.

‘Outlaw’ by Aaron Everything is available now on Spotify. Keep up to date with him via his official Instagram.

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