A.N.J.A – Monoxide

Belfast rocker has a one way ticket to hell and back for anyone brave enough to tackle her smashing new single.


Belfast’s own Queen of the night, A.N.J.A, is a one-woman rock machine. Born in Germany, this fearsome performer has a clear mission statement – to revive 60’s garage rock while embracing a modern guitar-based indie sound.
Now it’s pretty safe to say that A.N.J.A rocks, but what makes this Horror-Surf artist so appealing is her unfaltering flair for theatricality. Her spectacular ‘balls to the wall’ mentality is seriously compelling.

Having thrilled audiences all over Northern Ireland and beyond, A.N.J.A looks to smash into 2021 with her furious new single.

‘Monoxide’ is imbued with the kind of fuzz that would make your teeth chatter. The track is low-down, dirty, and just dripping with the grease and grit of garage rock. Like a Cadillac ride through the psychedelic wasteland, ‘Monoxide’ has Iggy and the Stooges, PJ Harvey, and maybe ‘The Velvet Underground’ in its DNA. The production is dense and full of attitude. From the booming bass to the gloriously sleazy guitar playing, there is a real authenticity to this track that resonates on the same wavelength as A.N.J.A’s own ‘too cool for school’ type performance.

A.N.J.A elevates the instrumental to a whole other level with a charismatic, authentic and totally effortless performance here. Like the ring-mistress from hell, she presides over proceedings with real vigour, and draws the listener in with her seductive siren-esque call. A.N.J.A also injects a hearty shot of substance to complement all this style. The lyrics are born out of her anger over the helplessness of majoritively female victims in homicide cases, and her fantasies of gaining a modicum of retribution through acts of empowerment. “You can read the lyrics to ‘Monoxide’ two ways,” says A.N.J. A “On the one hand, there is this mysterious abductor on the lookout for her next victim. On the other hand, it’s a song about fun, seduction and a sweet escape”

A.N.J.A describes ‘Monoxide’ as her own personal dark imagination. As you listen to this thumping track, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported into the pages of Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’, or onto the set of Tarantino’s ‘Death Proof’. This is pure adrenaline-fuelled musical entertainment with a very real message and a real rock star behind the wheel.

‘Monoxide’ is available to stream on Spotify right now. You can keep up to date with A.N.J.A via her official Instagram page.

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