Rushes – Wide Eyed

Skibbereen native leaves us wide-eyed with wondrous new single.


Rushes is an artist with almost limitless potential. Since his debut in 2018, Rushes has acquired a great many accolades in a career which has taken him from Skibbereen, Co. Cork, to Dublin, London, Berlin and beyond. Since the onset of the global pandemic, Rushes has been rediscovering this home town for the first time in many years. Taking this opportunity for some self examination, this deep-thinking artist has set about making some of the most personal, and inventive music of his career.

Refreshed and reinvigorated, Rushes is now ready to steps back into the spotlight with his fantastic new single ‘Wide Eyed’. The song is accompanied by an intriguing self-made music video, which acts as the perfect visual accompaniment to the track.

‘Wide eyed’ is a big, ambitious song that manages to create and maintain a sense of sincere intimacy that brings you closer to the singer. It’s tender at its core and its shimmering complexities coexist harmoniously with each other like a sonic ecosystem. The song pulses with life in a way that challenges the senses but never overwhelms them. In fact the opposite occurs, the instrumental sets a hypnotic mood that is perfect to vibe along with. The influences of nineties R&B are easily identified on ‘Wide Eyed’, and Rushes has done a masterful job of marrying a modern aesthetic to that classic sound.

The overlay of vocals are all dripping with feeling and character as Rushes sings his heart out, pouring sweet vocal honey all over the track. The production is slick but never over done, and you can hear the raw, genuine emotion overflowing from each vocal take. “I wanted a classic feel on the production side” Rushes explains, “something that was quite raw, genuine and in some ways felt familiar”.

Lyrically ‘Wide Eyed’ is a revealing dissertation on how an artist interacts with self-doubt, and the role insecurity plays in keeping a person tethered to the past. “You linger and are constantly conflicted with whether or not you made the right decision. It’s aching and it feels like forever to see past the doubt that clouds over your decision”. One must applaud Rushes openness here. The vulnerability he conveys with his words combines beautifully with the glistening instrumental, elevating ‘Wide Eyed’ beyond a simple pop song and defining it as a satisfying artistic endeavour.

Wide eyed wonder is a very useful tool to an artist, once we lose our grip on it, it can remain an elusive thing to track down. Sometimes the only way to go forward is to go back. Back home, and back to the place where our hearts truly reside.
Rushes is an artist who is clearly rejuvenated and ready for the next exciting chapter.

‘Wide Eyed’ is available to stream on Spotify now. Check out the amazing music video below.

You can keep up with Rushes through his official Instagram page.

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