Kînd – Piercing Light

Immense Dublin prog band return with stunning new live single.


In a relatively short space of time, Kînd have become a band with a significant amount of hype around them. Since their debut show in September 2019, this enigmatic Dublin five piece have been drip-feeding the Irish independant scene some tantalising content. Each release has left listeners around the country hungry for more, and enhanced the group’s reputution as an unmissable musical experience.

It started with their mammoth debut single ‘Fix Of Dopamine’, a sprawling masterpiece of wide eyed prog, radiohead inspired atmospherics and a delicious hard-rock crescendo. The song was played to death here at Demars Magazine, and was a staple feature in the majority of our 2020 ‘best of’ lists. Our appetites were further whetted by  the gorgeous b-side ‘Sun’ before the band entered a well deserved period of renewal.

Re-emerging with a fabulous live set at the start of March, Kînd are now poised to enhance their ever-growing noteriety with the release of their brand new single ‘Piercing Light’.

Recorded live at Sun Studios, in association with Devoy Records, this sprawling eight minute opus greets us with sparkling harmonics and and ambients swells. The smooth, crisp voice of singer Jane Patterson joins in with an immediately intimate set of lyrics, before the song opens up into a luscious and delicate soundscape. From the off, the quality of this live session is striking. This sound is deep and expressive and flawlessly delivered, so much so that you’d swear this was an impecably produced studio record.

The track’s first couple of minutes play out like a gorgeous pop-rock song, complete with a hair raising vocal harmony from guitarist and vocalist Matthew Redmond. The band’s two primary voices interact with each other beautifully and give some infectious energy to Kînds unique brand of pop savvy prog.

As we move in to the second movement of ‘Piercing Light’, the composition opens up into a lucid dream like sequence which is disturbed by some particularly ominous sounding riffs from guitarist Eoin Butterfield. Jane’s vocals are pensive and questioning in this section as we move farther and farther away from the sparkling brightness of the first verse. She is answered by Matthew in full flight, his powerful voice booming through like a cross between Peter Gabriel and  Myles Kennedy. This is totally hair-raising stuff.

After some more impressive vocal interplay, we are off to the races with a typically awesome final third. Propelled by Ryan Maclelland’s masterful drumming, it is now time to marvel at the ingenuity, skill and creative brilliance of this exceptional band. The musical interplay between Redmond, Butterfield, Maclelland, and Charlie McCarthy on bass, is a joy to watch. These four impressive young musicians knowingly maintain the balance between virtuoso style playing and straight forward melody, and the transition into the climactic final stretch is just gorgeous. By the time Butterfield calls time on this masterpiece with some elegant piano playing, one cannot help but shake their head in amazment at what’s transpired.

‘Piercing Light’ is an absolutely stunning experience, and this lovingly assembled live video gives you a whole different take on the band. We can now visually appreciate the world class musicianship on display here as well as the intense dedication and youthful zeal being poured into this project.

It’s quite evident from listening to songs like ‘Fix Of Dopamine’ that we are dealing with some extremely talented individuals here but seeing them apply those talents and, quite frankly, how easy they make it all look, is something else entirely. Sights like Eoin tapping out that devilish riff, or Charlie thoughtfully working his way around the fret-board, gives the band an extra layer of character. It feeds the curiosity that has been building in the band’s blossoming fan base. We have been rewarded for our patience by getting an extra peek behind the curtain.

Kînd are clearly in the ascendancy. The striking assuredness that comes with each release belies their status as a band still in it’s infancy, and I can think of no other band on the scene today that has the same volcanic potential. The near eleven month wait for new material was indeed worthwhile as ‘Piercing Light’ once again see’s Kînd level up. If they keep progressing at this rate, the sky is the limit for a band who are more than capable of soaring into the stratosphere.

‘Piercing light’ gets an emphatic ten out of ten from me, and is available at the link below.

Keep up with Kînd at their official Instagram.

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